A contractor you can trust?

On 7/10/17 he abandoned his job, leaving the house unfinished, without a roof.  I filed complaints with the CSLB, took him to binding arbitration, and was awarded over $15,000 in damages.  He has failed to comply with the award, gone through two suspensions and finally had his license permanently revoked.

jeff pieters.jpg

Jeff Pieters is no longer a  Licensed Contractor.  I took him to arbitration and won, he failed to comply with the award and his license was revoked permanently by the State Licensing Board. He had 3 pending complaints against him.  One with the Better Business Bureau, one with the California State Licensing Board and a third with the Surety Bond Company who issued their Contractors Bond.  His company, Jeff Pieters & Associates, has no positive Yelp reviews, no positive reviews on Angies List and no positive reviews on Buildzoom. Jeff Pieters doesn't even have his own website. 


When you hire a contractor, its important that they have skin in the game, a reputation thats worth something, a reason not to walk off the job if they mismanage the budget or don't allocate resources efficiently. Spend some time searching the web for Jeff Pieters & Associates, check the construction permits issued to him and then find the owner of that property and ask them if they would hire Jeff Pieters again.

I'm not sure what Jeff Pieters did with the nearly $75,000 I gave him, but it most certainly wasn't all spent on the house.  Just look at the photos.